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Don't just call us for a quote, call us for a solution! Tallahassee, Florida - Call or Text 850-205-1111 Nationwide Toll-Free - Call or Text 800-458-4948

Fax Services Overview

Line1 fax services include a number of  fax telecommunications services aimed at improving your communications, making your operations more efficient, and providing better service to your clients.

From one person businesses operating out of a home or a car, to larger businesses spread across town or across the country, we can design custom solutions that best suit your needs.

It is impossible to list all of the options and potential applications our state-of-the-art telemanagement systems can provide.
Frankly, our customized solutions look and feel very different from one client to another.

Our goal is to thrill you!

Most of these services include a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.
If you don’t think the service we’ve developed for you is worth more than you are paying, we will refund every penny you’ve paid.
In 15 years of business, we’ve never had a client who has elected to take a refund.

Give us the opportunity to learn about your unique needs and challenges and we’ll do our best to exceed them.

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+ Fax Broadcasting

We offer a full suite of telephone conference calling services spanning multiple platforms.
This affords our customers access to capacities and capabilities unparalleled of in the industry.

Whether you need to hold a single call with a few people, weekly calls with your sales force, or investor relations calls with thousands of participants, secure entry, participant tracking, Q&A, WebCasting or WebCollaboration, we have solutions.

Our automated conferencing solutions give you 24/7 access to conference calling without the hassles, time, and mistakes often found with making conference reservations.

You are assigned a permanent access telephone number, participant PIN(s) and moderator/chairperson PIN(s) that are always available.

Simply give the appropriate information to the participants and make your call.

Advanced Functionality:

Name announcements on entry and exit to let you know who has joined/left the call.
Participant and/or moderator control of muting/un-muting of lines.
Web tools to let you monitor and control many aspects of your call.
Operator assistance is just a *0 away.
Most of the conference calling services above bill only for the time you actually use.
There are no setup charges, no monthy charges, no minimum charges.

+ Fax To E-mail

Opt. into our Fax-to-Email service and you can:

Get rid of that underutilized, expensive dedicated fax line that can only receive one fax at a time.

Receive your faxes via email while traveling so you don’t return to a pile of paper when you get back to the office.

Save on paper, toner, and equipment repair bills.  Only print the faxes that need to be on paper.  Save, forward, or delete the rest.

Have a paper document that you need to e-mail to somebody?

Fax it to yourself.  The fax is delivered to your email as a .pdf or .tif attachment.
From there, you can treat it just like you would any electronic file.
We provide you with a local (Tallahassee or Jacksonville, Florida) telephone number that receives your faxes 24/7.
You can forward your existing fax number to it, route a toll-free number to it, or in some cases, let us host your existing fax number.

+ Fax-On-Demand

Have information instantly available to your callers.

Fax-on-Demand makes an office more efficient, saving money and valuable time.
It reduces overhead by handling calls for information, thus reducing expenses for staffing, phones, postage, and printing.

We provide you with a telephone number callers can reach 24 hours a day.

Through selections from fully customizable voice menus, callers can select the document(s) they would like to receive.

If calling from a handset attached to a fax machine, they can immediately begin receiving their documents.

Or, they can enter their fax telephone number and their selected documents will be delivered within a few minutes.

Loading documents into the system is as easy as sending a fax or sending us an email with the documents you wish to have available for retrieval.

+ Email to Fax

Simply sending an email to our servers with the appropriate delivery information will result in a fax being created and sent to the fax number(s) you specify.

This solution allows you to use your companies existing email infrastructure to deliver one to thousands of high quality, personalized faxes.

Our servers support many types of attachments and automatically deliver a report back to you upon completion or failure of the fax.

No lines to install, no new equipment to buy or support.

Provides a seamless, inbound/outbound fax solution when used in conjunction with our Fax-To-Email service.

+ Desktop Fax

Our Desktop Fax applications provide a very simple interface to our fax servers

A small application is installed on your computer(s) that allows you to create and address your fax right from your Windows™ desktop.

Virtually any software is supported.

Instead of…

creating your document, sending it to your printer, taking the document to your fax machine, filling out a cover page, dialing the fax number, returning to your desk…
You simply create your document, ‘print’ it to your ‘fax printer’, enter or select the recipient(s), click on send, continue working!

No wasted paper, toner or time.