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Don't just call us for a quote, call us for a solution! Tallahassee, Florida - Call or Text 850-205-1111 Nationwide Toll-Free - Call or Text 800-458-4948

Voice Services Overview

Line1 voice services include a number of voice telecommunications services aimed at improving your communications, making your operations more efficient, and providing better service to your callers.

From one person businesses operating out of a home or a car, to larger businesses spread across town or across the country, we can design custom solutions that best suit your needs.

It is impossible to list all of the options and potential applications our state-of-the-art telemanagement systems can provide.

Frankly, our customized solutions look and feel very different from one client to another.

Our goal is to thrill you!

Most of these services include a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.
If you don’t think the service we’ve developed for you is worth more than you are paying, we will refund every penny you’ve paid.

In 15 years of business, we’ve never had a client who has elected to take a refund.

Give us the opportunity to learn about your unique needs and challenges and we’ll do our best to exceed them.

+ Conference Calling

We offer a full suite of telephone conference calling services spanning multiple platforms. This affords our customers access to capacities and capabilities unparalleled of in the industry.

Whether you need to hold a single call with a few people, weekly calls with your sales force, or investor relations calls with thousands of participants,  with secure entry, participant tracking, Q&A, Web Casting or Web Collaboration, we have solutions.

Our automated conferencing solutions give you 24/7 access to conference calling without the hassle, time, and mistakes often encountered when making conference reservations.

You are assigned a permanent access telephone number, participant PIN(s) and moderator/chairperson PIN(s) that are always available.

Simply give the appropriate information to the participants and make your call.

Advanced Functionality:

Name announcements on entry and exit to let you know who has joined/left the call.
Participant and/or moderator control of muting/unmuting of lines.
Web tools to let you monitor and control many aspects of your call.
Operator assistance is just a *0 away.
Most of the conference calling services above bill only for the time you actually use.
There are no setup charges, no monthly charges, no minimum charges.

+ Voice Broadcasting

Reach 10s, 100s or 1,000s in minutes!

Voice Broadcasting is an efficient way to deliver urgent or routine communication via telephone.

It’s as easy as 1, 2

1. Simply upload your list(s) into our servers via our easy to use web interface.
2. Call our Toll-Free launch line from any touch-tone telephone, select your lists, and record your message.

Our high volume voice servers go to work delivering your messages. If an answering machine picks up, no problem. The system waits for the tone before delivering the message. You can even specify different messages for delivery to machines vs. live answers.

You are only billed for the time it takes to deliver each message (30 second minimum).
No charge for no answers, busy signals, disconnected numbers.

Example Applications:

Appointment Reminders – Doctors, Dentists, Furniture Deliveries, Cable Installation.
Financial Services – Fraud Alerts, Billing Reminders.
School & Church Field Trips – Let parents know that all have arrived safely. Advise parents of changes in the return schedule.
Retail – Customer Appreciation, Sales, Special Events.
Utilities – Service Interruptions
Large Employers – Office Closings
Disaster Recovery – Notify interested parties of pertinent information.
and more…

+ Enhanced Voicemail

You can get plain vanilla Voicemail from your telephone company, we don’t offer it.

Our services use state-of-the-art technology to add valuable capabilities that leave the phone companies in the dust.

Receive the Caller ID of the person who left the message even if your phone lines are not caller ID enabled.

Receive notification that you have messages waiting via telephone, pager, fax, text message or a combination of all of these.

Receive your messages via email.

Have your voicemail converted to text.

Ask callers a series of questions to which they can record individual answers.

Give callers the ability to listen to answers to frequently asked questions like what’s your fax number, or what are your business hours, or what are your specials.

+ Answering Service

Would you trust somebody who you’ve never met who works as a part-time employee for another company to represent your business?

We wouldn’t!

We believe that every call should be answered immediately in a professional manner. Our automated state-of-the-art management servers never wake up on the wrong side of the bed, never put your callers on hold to answer another call, and never make you and your business look bad.

We will work with you to design a tailored service that will answer promptly and professionally, give callers information they might need, take accurate and detailed messages, notify you of messages waiting, or even route the calls to you and your associates wherever you may be.

All of this for a fraction of the cost of having ‘Bubbah’ answer your phones.

+ Find-Me-Follow-Me

Are you chained to your desk?

We didn’t think so…

When you are away from your desk or from your office, your calls can follow you to your cell phone, home phone, or wherever is convenient for you.


Call Screening- The caller will be asked their name which will be played for you. You can accept the call or have the caller leave a message. (Of course, your service can be set up without screening if you wish)

Message/Music-on-hold- During the transfer process, your caller can hear a normal ring, music, or a customized message that you can change from any touch-tone telephone.

User programmable- You can change your find-me number at any time via touch-tone phone or our web access tool.

+ Remote PBX

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a telephone system if you don’t have to.

Once you buy one of these systems, it immediately becomes out of date, changes require expensive service calls, and upgrades get expensive.
Sooner or later, you’ll be tearing everything out and starting all over again.

Our state-of-the-art telemanagement servers give you the power of an enterprise level PBX without the large capital outlay, training, support, or frustration.
We are constantly adding features and capabilities as well as replacing hardware and software to give you next generation services without additional investments.

From a group of people working at their respective homes to larger organizations
spread around the country, our services can span multiple locations and even multiple cities.

+ Automated Attendant

Our Automated Attendant service:

Answers your calls 24/7 or simply when you cannot (all lines busy, lunch, after hours).

Provides frequently requested information like your address, fax number, or office hours.

Directs callers to the person to whom they wish to speak or leave a message.

Is fully customizable to meet your specific needs. Can be scheduled to change personalities and options appropriate to your business hours.

Helps your business sound like a Fortune 500 company for less than the cost of a phone line.

+ Virtual Office

Do you have multiple people working from different locations, their homes, or on the road?

With a Line1 Virtual Office, you can connect them all as if they were working from the same office.

Callers can dial the telephone number we provide for you, select the person they wish to speak with, and be transferred to them at any telephone number.

Your Virtual Office is custom configured to your needs.

Our Call Announce feature identifies the call as a business call and announces the name of the caller. If the call recipient is unavailable or rejects the call, the system seamlessly takes the call back to take a message or offer other options.

Even after a call is connected, the call recipient can send the caller back to the system to leave a message, to another ‘Virtual Office Mate’, or to a menu of other options.

Messages left for one staff member can be internally forwarded with comments to another staff member or a group.

Or, your Virtual office can simply act as a call director that simply passes the call to the appropriate telephone number and releases it.

+ Information Line

Coordinating and communicating with a group, any group, is hard work. We help make it a little easier.

We can provide your group a permanent telephone number –not one that changes every time the leadership changes.
Callers to your number will be able to hear recorded information about your group and/or leave messages for your leadership.

Sports Teams – Practice schedules, rain-outs.
Church Groups – Activity reminders, trip updates.
Clubs – Meeting schedules, membership information.
Special Events – Ticket information, directions to location.
and more…
There are no phone lines to install or maintain, no contracts or term commitments.

Cost as low as $8.25/month (registered 501c3 organizations with annual payment)

+ Property Manager Pro

Reliable Answering Service at a Flat Rate

With Property Manager Pro, your tenants and prospects get the information and services they need and you leave them with a positive impression of your community! We can have your apartment community ready within 48 hours.

Callers are never put on hold. All calls are answered on the first ring.

You get flat rates so you can budget the answering service cost for each property in advance.

All of the information a prospective tenant would want is available.

Callers then screen themselves by leaving a message if it sounds like a place they can afford or want to live. Callers can enter their fax number and receive documents: Applications, Floor Plans, etc.

You get Guaranteed Emergency Message Delivery. Once a tenant leaves an emergency maintenance request, up to five members of your staff can be notified until someone takes responsibility for the call. We also immediately email a copy of the message left by the tenant to the property manager for review the following day.

Web Admin – The property manager can change who is on call, view the message activity, and monitor the call log, Caller ID and the time stamp to see who is responding to messages and if it is in a timely manner. All from any computer that has internet access.

Property Manager Pro packages are fully customized for your property for $59.95 per month. This service includes: Flat Rate Service, Guaranteed Emergency Message Notification, Caller ID, Web Administration (Call Logs, Caller ID, Time Stamps and Notification options) and property marketing.

+ Office Network

Phone system voicemail is great, but it can be time-consuming and difficult to use, usually requiring an administrator to make changes and program new extensions.
It’s also expensive, and its capabilities are limited.

Do you have an employee working from home this month? Does your salesperson want to take calls on their mobile phone today?

Try programming these options with a fancy in-house voicemail system without a degree in computer science.

OfficeNetwork  is easier to use than conventional voicemail, and it’s less expensive.

Our OfficeNetwork Package:
Gives you full voice mail capabilities, without the high cost
Is completely flexible
Requires no new equipment – nothing to break or service
Allows you to transfer calls – to an employee’s home, cell phone, voicemail – anywhere!

The OfficeNetwork system is designed for:
Businesses without a telephone system
Businesses with an older telephone system
Companies with more than one location or
Companies with personnel that work outside of the office
OfficeNetwork packages are fully customized for your company.